EVO MFG JL HD Hinged Tire Carrier, BLACK
EVO MFG JL HD Hinged Tire Carrier, BLACK

EVO MFG JL HD Hinged Tire Carrier, BLACK

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   The JL factory tire carrier and tailgate was never intended to handle
the loads associated with larger, heavier wheel and tire combinations.
Many aftermarket tire carriers address this issue, but are complicated
to install, require an aftermarket bumper, and add multiple processes to
open your tailgate. The EVO MFG JL HD Hinged Tire Carrier is a body
mounted tire carrier designed to allow you to carry up to a 37” tire
while retaining your vehicle’s one handed easy access to the rear cargo
area.  Its design is tough enough to handle the stresses associated with
larger tires and simple enough to keep all the functionality your
factory tailgate already has in a simple easy to install and operate

   The EVO MFG JL HD Hinged Tire Carrier is engineered for
strength and durability. It’s made from 3/16” and 3/8" steel that’s been
laser cut, CNC press brake formed, and fully fixture welded. In the
factory configuration, the wheel and tire load is transferred through
the tailgate to the door hinges. Knowing that this is the weak link, the
Tire Carrier is designed to bypass the tailgate and transfer the heavier
wheel and tire load directly to the hinges. The hinge brackets are made
from the same 3/16 and 3/8" steel and are gusseted for strength with
integrated bump stops that stop the weight of tailgate and tire when
it’s fully opened.

   The EVO MFG JL HD Hinged Tire Carrier’s mounting points
are designed to work with your JL by transferring loads to the JL’s body
in a location that is reinforced from the factory with multiple layers
of strong, stamped, internal, steel gussets.  The simple design keeps a
low profile that fits the contours of the vehicle and carries the tire
close to the body. Once installed, the tailgate will operate as before,
maintaining the factory catch and the easy one handed opening, while the
beefy hinge hardware swings smoothly with the added weight of a larger

   The tire mounting position is engineered to be adjustable in movement up
and down as well as in and out. This ensures your tire will fit
properly, won’t rattle, and gives you departure angle and rear window
visibility options. The EVO MFG JL HD Hinged Tire Carrier includes an
integrated antenna mount.  Install is simple and can be done with a
basic tool set by any installer. It’s all bolt-on with no drilling or
cutting needed.


Compatible with Factory Rear Reverse Camera and 3rd brake light